Series 1 "Sugoi"

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DUNE Miku T-Shirt

Available in two styles: basic and premium t-shirt. A bright and simple design for wearing under a jacket or hoodie. Only vocaloid otakus should recognize this.

AR Team T-Shirt

Also available in two styles: basic and premium t-shirt. We left the numbers out of the design because we think it looks better this way. Sopmod best dog.

SLUT Tagless T-Shirt

Only available in one style because hot pink is a surprisingly rare color. Tagless shirts are a little heavier than normal. This design could be dangerous to wear outside!

NEVADA-tan Contrast Hoodie

Also only available in one style. Hoodies are notoriously expensive to customize, but we found one that doesn't break the bank. Do you remember your school days?

Bonus item!

There's one more product we're dropping that hasn't made this list. We call it a "limited" item, as it'll only be available until we get a copyright takedown request.

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